Hello, everyone! I recently bought “RPG Starter Kit” from the UE4 Marketplace in order to get a foundation for my Fantasy RPG game. I read the documentation that was provided but I was not able to solve one problem. I tried to replace the player character with another one (“Stylized Paladin” from the Marketplace), but I it seems that I am not doing it right. The character is moving but I cannot attack or block when I press left mouse button. I have to mention that the paladin has no attack animations, but because there are some in the blueprint where I replaced the mesh, I expected it to work. I have the same problem when trying to replace the enemy. Please if someone has worked with this asset, help me!

  • Do I have to add custom animations for the character I want to use (if so, where exactly in the blueprint I have to replace them)
    Thank you!

first of all, you should post questions related to content you purchase on the marketplace on either their related forum page, or use the support email.

In most cases both can be found on the marketplace content page.

Additionally you can also add him on Discord for further support: CBProductions#1047

and for your problem, you might want to dig into stuff related to: