RPG Engine Toolkit 3.0


RPG Engine Toolkit V3.0

This toolkit is designed for beginner to intermediate developers that want to make a role playing game. The RPG Engine Toolkit is a database driven RPG solution. Using the RPG Database Manager and the RPG Engine Tool Kit to bring the data to you in engine. Setup buildings, enemies, heroes, game logic, etc, all housed in the database and event files for ease of access and usage. Create your game faster with modular NPCs, Hero, and Monster implementation, Modular Building Generation tool, Prebuilt Sky System, Hud State Systems, and many other tools that make creating your scenes faster. The plugin also includes an example project that brings all the tools together in a sudo game world and has other examples implemented that can be used as a start for game development. This toolkit is not a make game button. It was designed to be a flexible system to suit different types of RPG Styles from JRPGs to Western Types. Please see the documentation for more in-depth coverages of all components that come in this toolkit.

Database Manager:

The system comes with a C# Application for database interfacing and creation called the RPG Database Manager. The database manager is used to create Items, Weapon, Armor, Skills, and Magic definitions. You can also define classes with customizable stat progression for each dynamic attribute type.These classes can then be used by the Actors, Monsters, or Summons created in the manager and then linked into the RPG Engine Toolkit. Extended sections ofthe manage includes defining monster groups to be used by ambush event nodes,Map listing to be used by zoning events, as well as defining settings and starting player locations and initial party makeup.
[FONT=&amp] Event flows for you game are created in the event panel. The events allow you to categorize and order events how you want them to be executed in the game. A single event is a collection of executed actions that are stacked and executed in a sortable list. Events can also be branched in a nested event tree to allow user choice to affect the overall event flows of your system. The current event actions are separated into the following groups
Party System Modification:· Add remove party member, Inventory, Currency, and Experience

**[FONT=&amp]Invoke Systems:
**[FONT=&amp]· Stores, Inns, Matinee, Movies, Save System, Battle System,Game Over triggers.
Dialogue:· Dialog System, Choice System, and Check Required Items

**[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Environmental[FONT=&amp] Controls:
**[FONT=&amp]· Play Sound/Music, Change Time Of Day, Change Weather, Move Character to Location, Move to Level/Location

**[FONT=&amp]Other Controls:
**[FONT=&amp]· Enable/ Disable Events, Time Filtering for events, initial event enabling or disabling.

**[FONT=&amp]Under the hood:

**[FONT=&amp] Under the hood the RPG Database Manager also houses the battle damage calculations for simulating battle data that should be transferred to the system upon modification to make sure you have a 1:1 match for the expected battle damage information for your system. You can also modify the database structure using the manager easily by simply creating a new C# Struct that defines the Table information. This smart struct can be used for creating,updating, selecting, and inserting new records in your table dynamically without the need for writing query info.
Modular Build Tool: The modular building tool is used to create building layouts using tile a based systems. This allows you to create a building layout in layers that the engine can use to generate a building using the editor side tools and modular parts based on the buildings theme.
The RPG Engine Toolkit:
The RPG Engine Toolkit houses the RPG Party System that is the main interface to the database created object. Along with this are the Blueprint Smart objects that interface with the system that can be brought together to rapidly prototype and create your game world:

[FONT=&amp]· AI Mob – Used for creating monsters in the world.
[FONT=&amp]· NPC AI BP – Used to represent any kind of intractable object in your world. Treasure chest, Characters, Save points, Event triggers, etc.
[FONT=&amp]· PC Hero BP – Used for personifying the hero information in the world.
[FONT=&amp]· NPC Character Generator – Used to generate randomly assembled NPC characters using modular parts to generate random NPCs for your world.
[FONT=&amp]· AI Behavior for all types – AI State Machines used as a service in the AI Behavior tree so it can be extended as the user sees fit.
[FONT=&amp]· Battle Mode Logic Flows – Used for triggering environment operations and battle logic based on the type of battle system the system is configured for, Open World, Arena Battles, Active Battles, or Classic JRPG battle systems.
[FONT=&amp]· Battle Arena – An example of a closed battle system solution that can be used to control the battle area, this can also be extended to implement Active Battle and Classic JRPG Battle flows.
[FONT=&amp]· Modular Building Constructor – Uses preset data created with the RPG Database Manager to create buildings for your game.
[FONT=&amp]· NPC Crowd Spawner – Generates crowds of NPCs based on player distance to help manage game resources.
[FONT=&amp]· Monster spawner – Generates monsters to fill your map based on configurations. Also manages the monsters respawn time and enemy clean up when leaving the effective area.
[FONT=&amp]· Clutter Spawner – Used for level design to scatter a random number of objects around your scene.
[FONT=&amp]· Waypoints and Zones – Used to zone to a new level stream area or a new map in your game.
[FONT=&amp]· Standard Treasure Chest – Integrates with the database to configure a set amount of keys and awards for the player upon obtaining the key items for a chest. Also contains the ability to have random drop rates for loot.
[FONT=&amp]· Cut Scene Actors – Used for matinee sequences, this will link to the database to generate an actor/hero with their configured equipment’s and current appearances based on armor changes that has happened during game play.
[FONT=&amp]· Hover Board – An example vehicle used for terrain traversal.
[FONT=&amp]· Spell Example – Gives an example of an area of effect spell that can be used by the enemy or the player based on spell configuration.
· NPC Point of Interest(POI) Nodes – Customized nodes that wandering NPCs can randomly find and interact with. These nodes are user for bringing a world to life with Chat Nodes that NPC’s can talk at or bar stools where the NPC can sit at and gander for a while. The base of this system revolves around attracting the npc to a mount point, mounting them to the POI and playing a random interaction at said node for N amount of time before unmounting and continuing to some other random node or to wander somewhere else. [FONT=&amp]

Tech Demo Overview:[FONT=&amp]


[FONT=&amp]**A playable Demo can be found here: **[FONT=&amp]-

**[FONT=&amp]A more thorough breakdown of each component can be found in thedocumentation here:
**- Unreal Engine 4 - RPG Engine Toolkit Documentation

**[FONT=&amp]And Tutorial for the system:
**- UE4: RPG Engine Toolkit - Creating an example level. - YouTube

Support and updates:

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] I will be using this system for my own game creation and as I find better and innovative ways to improve the system I will release more updates to this system. If there is anything some would like to see examples or for questions on how to expand the system just let me know and I will create tutorials for this depending on complexity. I do like to help the community but please remember that I cannot create your game for you. But my support will be here. I hope this helps those that are learning and want to bring their dream to life but not the knowledge to get things started. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what people create.

**[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]RPG Database Manager Images:
**[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]

**Building Tool
**Note: Currently the Building tool has a hard set of tile configuration for the building layers. In a future version this will be database driven to have customizable tiles per layer section with linkable modular mesh pieces.


**Class Stat Progression Configuration and Class V Class Battle Simulation.


**Actor / Hero Current Configuration w/ Actor V Enemy Battle Simulations


**Item/Weapon/Armor Creation with Dynamic Crafting Material Creation


**Monster Creation w/ Drop list and Monster VS Class Battle Simulation.


**Event Flow / Interaction Creations w/ Branching Choice Options.
**Note: As of now the event files are unencrypted. In another update i wish to add an option to have AES encryption on the event files to prevent mod-ing of certain event files.


RPG Engine Toolkit Example Images:

**Example Area covering the engine side BP Smart Objects:






Excerpts from the Demo:





Interesting, i am asuming it is not multiplayer compatible?

Not currently.

Very good. Looks like you put a lot of work into this. How customizable is this? Do we provide our own meshes and animations? Can the Hud be modified? For example: If we wanted to add an abilities bar, stats bar, etc.
Can we use our own buildings and terrain? Can you use this with blueprints or provide some of our own AI?

Other than that it would still be fun to play around with.

It build for you to provide your own meshes. The Modular building tool can use what ever modular set you want as lon as they all adhear to the same heightxwidth,length for all the pieces. The building gen is configurable for your own specs. The huds are plug and play into the RPG_HUD, each interface state has its own hud associated with it that’s set in the details panel.

As for characters and animation you provide your own, i have a master animation class that is setup for default operation for heros/npcs/monsters. But this can be changed. Just know that if you use your own that some of the AI in the behavior tree services may not work. IE how I trigger auto attack and activate spells. the idea was to make an animation BP a child of the master and add extra logic for what you want to do. You can all so expand the master for how ever you want for you base animation trees and build from there.

As for the AI that also up to you. The system does not need it to use the database calls. You can make your own AI and player objects how ever you need. you can even trash all the 3D and make your own things in 2D and stoll call the RPG Party system to be able to access player stats and other things like inventory or what ever. I made this with the mind set that people will probably scrap most of it and make it their own. but if you need an example to reference its all there in 3d form to see how i ideally set everything up to operate.

Terrain is not part of this plugin but the example includes a copy of my Auto Terrain Texturer Plugin that I use to texture the terrains in both areas.

All source code is available and the code for the database manage is available for you to change add and modify character attributes races and everything. Please not what when adding attributes you can have from 1-8 attributes as that is where i manually capped it because of lack of space in the interface design. But the system is scaled to have N number of attributes. With the exception of the battle calculations because this is stat specific. But that being said any change you want in the battle calculation algorithm can be changed in the Database manager and ported over to the engine’s battle calculation class and you should be able to diff these classes and bring over the changes pretty easily.

When you have time look over the doc. It explains most of this. So you can see what you get before buying.

I cannot wait for this :smiley:

Wow your doing a really good job :slight_smile: I loved the rpg toolkit you made for Torque3D so I know this one will be even better, great job cant wait as well :slight_smile:

The amount of work you’ve done here is insane. Great job with this!


i am super excited about this kit!! But, I have a few questions for ya.

  1. How well will it work with other Kits and Blueprints from the market? IE the Crafting and inventory kit, the Character Stats Blueprints, and other sets on the marketplace.

  2. What will be the price of the RPG Kit?

  3. How close is it to being put up for sale on the market?
    Have you considered placing it for sale on other online Asset marketplaces?

  4. If it is going to be a while, Do you need Beta testers? PLEASE!?!?!? I will pay you to let me get an early copy and beta test for you. (And use on my project) lol

Really nice work Shoiko!

I’ve been testing your building tool and really love it. I saw that you have planned on adding support for adding more tiles to the building tool. Do you have any ETA on when this might be included? I would definitely buy this just for the building tool if that feature were included. Also I have had some strange crashes where i suddenly can’t click generate on buildings anymore and have to make a new one to continue generating them. Has this been fixed in latter versions?

Really looking forward to this! The building tool is amazing for our project.

I have no ETA but i will be developing it as I use this to create my game and usher out updates to the tool as i find other ways of doing things, or find something doesnt have a good enough flexibility. Certain changes may be hard as i will have to make sure that updating does not break projects upon updating. So i will look into how i can preserve backwards compatibility and add or update structures to make them better.

As for your issue can you give me the process to replicate. They are still evaluating my code so i might have time to fix this if not already fixed.

Just curious on my end

This is the popular RPG engine used for Unity Engine:!/content/14419

How close would you say your RPG engine would be to the one I linked?

Well first thing I see is that it states no coding required and it is node based. Min has a number of things implemented but you would still have to modify things to suit your kind of game. If you read through the documentation you can see everything my tool will provide. And I have a tutorial series to show a base implementation of things. But you are still the one that must decide what to modify keep, enhance and tweak based on the needs of your game. I have 2 versions of a battle system in mine with hoods and examples in code on where you would need to extend or change logic to have different battle system types. I only implemented two as an example on where i would make tweaks in the system to support the varied differences for the battle system logic.

As for event creations, item creations and such thats all created with in a database that you can control and modify with the tool itself. I have a video that also covers where and how to modify said database tables. But once you start modifying the tables depend on changes you would have to change a few queries in the main system to bring in your new table data and such. Al depending on what you change. Some things are dynamic E.G character attributes but things like weapon types are enumerated in code and would have to be changed if you change the item or weapon types listed in the database.

As i stated before I tried to make the system as flexible and modifiable as possible to support many peoples ideas, this is not a make game button but its a good jump start in functionality for making a RPG System that can support the backbone operations of your game idea.

Great! I hope that feature will be available soon. I’ll definitely buy this when that feature is included. Also It’s very important for our project to be able to add more smart objects. I saw you talked about adding more of those earlier as well, is that a planned feature?

As for the crashes I’m having. It worked well for a while, I started making a new house with my meshes just to test it out in your example project. I generated it many times as I improved the layout and then suddenly I started getting crashes every time I generated.
Then I made a new one, nothing special, just added some meshes and generated using a new house i made with your tool and it worked fine until it suddenly stopped working again for no apparent reason.
Then I tried just clicking generate on one of the houses you had previously made in the example map and it gave me the crash as well.

Can’t really figure out what’s causing it.

Have you heard anything from Unreal on the status of the RPG Engine?

The big factor of the RPG engine of what I linked is that the developer includes different RPG system types. I do believe there is a demo on the ORK website, if you want to take a look at it.

This is quite interesting. Good work mate.

Nope still waiting.

I have not seen this with the latest I will see if i can diff the free version and anything changed to this version to see if there are any differences.

Well My goal was not to make a full system. Just a tool to help the building blocks. Many different RPGs have many different type of game mechanics. To make all those styles wll leave it as a make game button where everyone’s game is the same. I don’t want that. I want people to put forth that effort to bring their own originality to their game. Other wise all you will have is a ton of Greenlight Trailers on steam of people releasing the same game with maybe different images but claiming its a “unique game” I would love to not see anything i sell not be just an asset flip.