RPC - Replicate GameState for just one client

Hi guys. I have the problem with this. The only way i see is hard reference of GameState in the Player Controller(or PlayerState) so for example GameMode can call RPC To Owning Client there. Is better way to do that? Thanks.

GameState replicates automatically to all client
Are you sure about that?
I am not using replicated variables so it doesn’t. With Player State, PC things are simple. GameMode/GameState(PlayerStates) have references to them, so i can easly use some player’s Player State to run exectly there Run on owning client with for example change of the variable only on this client. When i want to do it on the gamestate is no way for me without hard referencing gamestate in the PC, PS, cuz from level of them you dont have access to this GameState of this player.