[ROYALTY] C++ and Blueprint programmer with Professional and Indie experience.

Hello! I am a passionate and experienced game programmer looking for a team or individual with similar goals as mine. I currently work full time as a Lead Software Engineer overseeing a team of four developing games in Unity3D. I have been working on the side in Unreal and I have enjoyed the engine enough to want to pursue additional work in it. I am 26 years old, married, and have a little girl. I became a programmer because of my love for video games. I would prefer a team that values quality over quantity and wants to make great games. If you are a team or an individual that understands that it is more important to have a small team of very good people rather than a large team of mediocre people, then please reach out to me. I am okay with being the only programmer on a team or working with a team of programmers.

In the title I mentioned that I am looking for Royalty instead of a Paid position. I do not want to be paid a set amount for my work. I want my effort to be a part of the risk taken to produce a game. This means that if we were to produce a game that makes x amount of money, then the amount of money split to the developers would be a reflection of the amount of work they did on the game. As such I am completely fine without being paid a cent until our work actually produces money. All in all, I want to make games that makes someone want to get home from work or school to play it. I remember those days. The money is more of a secondary goal.

Below is an outline of my experience to help you get to know me better. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.


  • Experienced with working in UE4 on a C++ level as well as on a Blueprint level. I do find Blueprints to be faster for prototyping or learning a portion of the API.
  • Advocate for good design and writing code that is clean, as simple as it can be, and extensible.
  • Experienced with making games for multiple platforms: iOS, Mac OS, PC, Android, Kindle, Windows 8, Linux.
  • Experienced with Unity3D and C# due to previous professional and indie projects.
  • Familiar with many SDKs such as integrating the Facebook SDK into games, Steamworks, etc.
  • Familiar with Client/Server architecture.
  • Experienced with optimization, multithreading, and networking.
  • Familiar with being the “last line of defense” for hard to solve technical issues for teams.


  • 4 year Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science 3.72GPA, 2011

Current professional work

  • Lead software engineer for one of the top grossing mobile social casino apps built with Unity3D.

Previous indie work
Kitrau- Final Fantasy RPG style of game successfully kickstarted and built using Unity3D.

  • Brought on-board to fix bugs and add additional features.
  • Implemented a target highlighting system through raycasting and shaders. This also allowed the use of the mouse for selecting targets in the world.
  • Created PlayMaker scripts to allow other members to reuse functionality.

Alum- Adventure game made in Adventure Game Studio(AGS) that is similar to the older Sierra and Lucas Arts adventure games. This game was kickstarted and successfully released on Steam.

  • Ported the game to work on Linux and Mac.
  • Integrated the game on to the Steam platform and implemented Steam specific functionality such as achievements.
  • Rewrote the game’s demo in Unity3D as a proof of concept for the team to move to a more modern engine.

My own unnamed project in UE4 - Action RPG style game being developed in UnrealEngine 4 using blueprints and C++.

  • Implemented input controllers and target selections through line tracing.
  • Designed and implemented an extensible skill system.
  • Implemented AI controllers for use through blackboards and behavior trees.
  • Currently designing an inventory and item system.


Additional Information

  • Flexible working schedule expected, but I would expect at least an average of 10-20 hours a week from me.
  • I expect a team that is equally invested in the project and thus takes an active part in having discussions/meetings.

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Thanks everyone for all the interest! I have been having trouble keeping up with all the different projects :slight_smile: I hope you appreciate me having at least a little bit of patience before making a decision. I want to make sure I am a good fit for the team and the team is a good fit for me.

Hi WillG

You have a very impressive portfolio. My love for video games lead me into career with computers & networks. My primary game-related skills are in programming, learning 3D Content creation as a secondary skill. I’m also interested RPGs of all type, currently working on FPS RPG Dungeon Crawl. Casino games were inspiration for me in developing cash-driven skill-based monetization model for my games (

I’ve been working on my project solo increasing my knowledge of UE4 Blueprints. I now feel confident to reach out to a few others interested in developing games that are fun, high quality, within reach (not overly ambitious). I’m developing my game in a modular fashion with App Modules that operate as standalone applications. One of these app modules is GOLEMCraft Collage Creature Creator to assemble FPSRPG content and support player-creation.

GOLEMCraft is in need of another Blueprints Co-developer. Although not a game, GOLEMCraft it will be used in one or more game products and other derivative editing apps like GLAIVERave. Perhaps the first of many UE4-Powered Applications. I believe it to be an achievable goal for a small team and a great start for more robust game products.

I just sent an email.

are you available?

PM sent, looking forward for reply.

I need a strong UE4 developer for a 100% remote project (HQ’d in Los Angeles, CA). This person needs to also be very strong with Blueprint and C++ for VR development. Is that you? 310/906-4777 -Johnathan

Contacted via skype. would appreciate a conversation.