[ROYALTY] Arena FPS Game Project

Seeking someone who is possibly a jack of all trades to work on this project with.

I have great ideas for an AFPS and to build a BR game-mode before final release. This is a LOW POLY game, so assets are fairly quick to create.

I do 3d modelling, Level Design AND Audio ONLY, so the role(s) to be filled are as follows:

  • Coder with great knowledge and experience,
  • A 3d model artist that can use Substance Painter or similar to spruce up assets handed to them,
  • VFX and Lighting Artist.

IF Interested DM me on Discord: MikaelMagick#4229

I had 0 success with ROYALTY recruitment for 2 years with My Game Project. So, I redesigned for solo dev and picked the FPS Multiplayer Template from the Marketplace. I had game play framework up in running in hours.