Royalty and Oculus store

I have a question about Royalty and release form.

Question 1: If we want to sell the game in the Oculus store, do we still need track gross revenue and send royalty report anyway? Or This will be tracked by Oculus?

Question 2: After sending release form, do we need to wait for a response from you with the result, or can we send the game for review to Oculus?

  1. Yes, you will need to track revenue and report to us separately. Please note that you do NOT owe royalties for the first $5M of revenue from the Oculus store.

  2. No need to wait on us.

tell me pls how to upload obb to oculus store with Command Line Utiliy. I have apk uploaded to any kind of channels but i am using CLUtiliy it does not help,it is not opening or something i do not understand pls help