Royalties for inhouse use only?


although I read the FAQ and the EULA I am still not a 100% sure if I understand it correctly so I hope that someone here can explain it.
Following situation: We are a profit oriented product design firm. Currently we use UE4 for inhouse visualization in VR to see our Products in different scenarios and in a 1:1 scale. We also plan to let our customers see “their” products in VR but only here at our office. We also plan to make a blog entry about that.

Do we have to pay royalties even if no unreal related data ever leaves the office nor do we charge our clients to see the product in VR because we use unreal in the process of creating our designs?

Thanks a million for the help

Thank you - I highlighted the same section in the EULA for my boss but hearing it from another person makes me even more confident :smiley:

As per the FAQ:

The following revenue sources are royalty-free:

  • […]
  • Consulting and work-for-hire services using the engine. This applies to architects using the engine to create visualizations as well as consultants receiving a development fee.
  • […]

I believe, based on this, you are entirely exempt from royalty fees.

If you need a 100% official answer, you’ll have to write to Epic directly, but I don’t see why wouldn’t your case fit this description :smiley:

KristofMorva is correct. This use would be royalty free.