Round edges shader or other solution?

As many before me in I’m looking for a way to figure out how to bevel edges in a easy way.

I have been googelin around for hours but i cant seem to find a god workaround having to bevel everything in my modeling programs and then mess it up with hours of UV work.

Im not a game developer, I’m more of a Archviz enthusiast and have worked a lot with modeling and different render engines. Rounded-cornes/bevel edges shader/option is far my favorite function in all the applications I have tried.

Im pretty new to unreal but i can really se the potential.

I know this topic is discussed a lot before but i haven’t found any resent post about it.

Anyone knows something about this or have figured it out?

Will this ever be possible in unreal u think?

List of applications (I have tried, I’m sure there is a few more) with the ’’Round edges’’ option:


If they can do it, so can Unreal! :smiley: