Round edges shader or other solution?


As many before me in I’m looking for a way to figure out how to bevel edges in a easy way.

		I have been googelin around for hours but i cant seem to find a god workaround having to bevel everything in my modeling programs and then mess it up with hours of UV work.

		Im not a game developer, I'm more of a Archviz enthusiast and have worked a lot with modeling and different render engines. Rounded-cornes/bevel edges shader/option is far my favorite function in all the applications I have tried.

		Im pretty new to unreal but i can really se the potential.

		I know this topic is discussed a lot before but i haven't found any resent post about it.

		Anyone knows something about this or have figured it out?

		Will this ever be possible in unreal u think?

		List of applications (I have tried, I'm sure there is a few more) with the ’’Round edges’’ option:

		Lumion, V-Rray, Corona, F-storm.

		If they can do it, so can Unreal! :D


What is you modelling software ?
In 3ds max, for example, if you add a bevel modifier after unwrapping, it won’t mess up your UVs.

Think he means for realtime usage. Something that’s indeed incredibly helpful. Unigine has one, (as well as realtime curvature and dirt). Lumion too.
I guess UE4 can of course have it as well but I’ve not come across it yet.

Well, even for realtime usage, you should use real bevels when and where needed.

Well, How about No.

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Well, how about working in unreal engine… and do with what the engine can or cannot (yet or not) ?
Other engines maybe can do bevel procedural shading. UE can’t.

An old thread, but D5 Render has a rounded edge option in the materials section and D5 is based on the Unreal Engine

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