Roughness problem


I’ve odd problem with my material. I’ve created it in substance designer, there everything is ok but when I put it in UE4 strage thing happens.
I thought theres something wrong with my rough map but even changing it to full black doesnt help.
The roughness of material changes with the camera angle. When I look straight at it the glossiness is completly gone, same with zooming.
It’s only visible at hard angles.


(there was an error with image uploading)


Are you using the Substance Material .sbsar file in UE4 or did you export textures from Designer? Can you post the .sbs file?

In terms of lighting, are you using reflection probes?



Yup, I am using .sbsar. Just now I’ve tested it with exported textures but the problem remains.
I do have one reflection probe but after deleting it nothing changes if it comes to my issue.

Here’s .sbs file but the problem is not there, there has to be something wrong with UE4.

The engine scalability is set to epic.


Problem solved. SSR off, dynamic lights turned to static.