Roughness Problem

Hey guys,
I have a strange roughness problem, depending on the angle im looking at my asset the roughness value seems to change.
From certain perspectives my asset looks almost wet… any ideas why this is happening ?

In the real world surfaces are more reflective looking when viewing at more extreme angles. But even so, sometimes screen space reflections aren’t rough enough or look off, so try turning off SSR and seeing if the reflections go away, and tweak the values there it that’s your only issue with it.

Another thing you might try is increasing the Screen Space Reflection quality to 100% in your post processing volume settings. If you don’t have one placed in the map, place one, set it to unbound, and then change the setting. Hope that helps.

thanks for for the help guys… @ZacD I aware of that, the FoxEngine has even a feature called View depended roughness, to simulate this kind of real world effect. However the change from a Wood roughness value to a almost full glossy value has not much to do with the real world effect :cool: It really seems like this is a SSR issue/limitation etc…
@Wilkes Pushing the Screen Space quality to 100% is not the really the solution im looking for… It’s simply a way to expensive on the performance site… However i will try to tweak some values here and there.

That was also a diagnostic suggestion. Did that isolate the problem to SSR?

Changing the quality value to 100% is not “really” fixing the problem. The roughness looks a lot better but the material and the whole scene becomes a lot more “noise” looks weird…

What seems to work fine is to reduce the MAX ROUGHNESS value to 0.2 insetad of 0.6 or 0.8…