Roughness and Opacity greater than 1

Quick question, Roughness and Opacity are both in the range on 0…1 if I’m not mistaken?

Does it matter if I pass in values greater than 1 for either of these? Does UE4 just clamp them to a maximum of 1 or will strange things occur if I pass in values greater than 1. I know I could clamp my values on my end, but was just curious to know if it matters or not, specifically with these two material properties?

The material inputs themselves are clamped, but if your Roughness strength is also controlling something else or in a Lerp, you could get strange results.

You can use the saturate node as a cheap 0-1 clamp.

Yep, understand about using it to drive other things. Was more so just interested to know if it mattered if passed in values like 1.8 to Roughness or 2.4 into Opacity for example. I’m assuming the UE4 inner workings would cap these values to 1.0 anyway, but was just interested to know. So you are saying that the inputs for Roughness and Opacity are clamped to 0-1 internally, which would answer my question?

That’s an interesting node. I use clamp a lot to keep values between 0-1, but saturate sounds even better. Thanks for this tip.