Roughness and Fake reflection.

Hi everyone !

After successfully using a TextureRenderTargetCube and a SceneCaptureCube to have animated reflection on a material (by plugin it into the emission color), I would like to get a roughness control over this texture to fake roughness.

The method works like a charm on a chrome-like material, but does not on a rough material.

My question is, do you have any idea how to achieve that effect ?

My scenario is:
. I have a spherical mesh as environment with a movie player texture attached to it.
. A car in the center with some parts not rough and others rough.
. Skylight or Reflection Capture Spheres does capture environment only on one frame and do not update.
. It’s a VR project, so I need to keep things GPU friendly.

I have tried some solutions but none worked so far.

Many thanks !