Rotator -> Transform3x3Matrix -> BoxMask-3D (Rotations reversed!)

Hello everyone.

I’m having hard time to fixing a problem rotating boxmask-3d in all 3 axis, I managed to fix any 2 at a time but never all together.

Basically, I have a cube component that its rotator is streaming through Forward/Right/Up vectors to feed material parameters. Then those material parameters are passed through a Transform3x3Matrix to match the rotation, and then BoxMask-3d would be perfectly aligned.

All the boxmask’s 3 axis rotate the opposite of the cube!

If I negate any one axis, I get the rest rotating in the right direction.
If I negate any two axis, I get only 1 axis rotating to the right direction.
of course, negating all 3 axis is as if none was negated, still all axis rotating to the wrong direction.

How can i drive the boxmask with the cube, sort of absolute parenting in world space.

Here are the blueprints (the work was copied from : - GIFs - Imgur](

2020-12-21 21_10_16-MaskMaterial.png](filedata/fetch?id=1845574&d=1608603054)
Construction Script:
2020-12-21 21_22_50-BP_Cube.png](filedata/fetch?id=1845576&d=1608603793)
The mask turn the opposite side, same for the other axis: (both objects are components in a blueprint)
2020-12-21 21_40_06-BP_Cube.png](filedata/fetch?id=1845577&d=1608604877)