Rotating mesh particle over life?

Hey guys, I’ve got a bullet emitter linked to my eject bone on my weapon mesh. I cant seem to however make these bullets fly with a rotational value over their life. i can get their initial rotational value to change but nothing else. I am also having an issue with making the bullets have an upwards velocity. the z axis doesnt seem to do much. it seems very confusing sometimes to know what axis is what in relation to the meshes local

Many Thanks

Hey Twibbz -

You will probably want to be using Initial Mesh Rotation Rate to have the Mesh spinning, or rotating over its lifetime. Also the movement along Z is this something you are wanting as the bullet is traveling through X and Y from gun to target? Can you be more specific as to the ultimate end product. However I would suggest since you are trying to use this in a character scenario to make sure that Use Local Space is turned on in the required module.

Thank You