Rotating material nodes

Is there a way to rotate a material node, say your working on zbrush and you import your bake into maya, then realize that your bake is not lining up with your uv, is there a way to just rotate the color bake inside the engine without having to redo that inside maya?

There is CustomRotator node in material editor, but it doesnt flip the texture. If you want to flip the texture you can do that even in Windows Paint.

the material we are using is a psd file so paint wouldn’t work and we were trying to avoid using any other programs outside of the engine to sort of minimize the amount of backtracking if a material was brought in wrong. Zbrush likes to flip uv’s and if the material doesn’t line up with the uv’s, the whole thing is broken. As far as the customrotator, if it doesn’t flip the texture then what is the point in the custom rotator, what does it actually rotate?

I just remembered another solution. Plug a Texture Coordinate node to your texture and enter -1 to V value if you want to flip it vertically, and -1 for U for horizontal.

I tired it and it’s kind of stretching it in a weird way.

To give you an idea of what I am trying to do, here is an image of what is going on

See the mesh is a flat plain and it is facing 90 degrees in counter clock wise to the actual texture material

You should have total UV control using this.