Rotating Fan in my first tutroial

Hi Guys,

New student to UE5 here. This is my first tutorial that i was doing.

But fan does not rotate when i hit play. I followed every step properly.

Is there anything I missed? Help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @ TaifShams Welcome to the community.

You hooked up add local rotation to begin play (it only adds 2 degrees once).
The tutorial shows you need to hook it up to the tick function for it to rotate 2 degrees every frame.

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My bad. Thanks a lot, it worked. Hey do you know any tutorials in PDF for free for us beginners?

Unfortunately no I can’t recall any tutorials in PDF format. I suppose you could try the getting started section

& learning library

for on-site tutorials.

Though if you plan on trying multiplayer I highly suggest getting this PDF guide

I usually look into the documentation first & then on YouTube if it’s an area I am not familiar with.


Thank You. You were of great help.