Rotating Child Object

So I have a child attached to a parent object via a spring arm with collision turned on. I have the parent set to location (0,0,0) and I am trying to make the child orbit the parent by rotating the parent. Unfortunately this is not working at all. I’m using

in my blueprints, but for some reason this causes the parent to rotate around the spring arm as well and it’s just altogether a total goofy mess. Can someone please explain to me what I’m doing wrong? Why would this cause my parent to move at all???

Hey siditious-

The AddActorLocalRotation node will rotate the entire actor (root component and all components below it). If your parent object is the root component and located at the blueprints center (0,0,0) then it should be rotating along its center with the spring arm and child object rotating around it. If you’re trying to have the parent object remain stationary while the child rotates around it, then you would want to use the “AddLocalRotation” node with the SpringArm as the target instead.


Doug Wilson

that worked perfectly, you are a gentleman and a scholar.