Rotating a Static Mesh Actor Toward Camera in VR

This question has been asked many times but I haven’t found it in a VR context and I suspect this may be causing behavior not to work.

I would like to spawn (many) actors that will float around the players head. I want them always to be rotated on all axes towards the player even if they are low on the Z axis (player has to look up and down to see them).

Currently I’m not loading the project in VR during the development phase as this takes a long time, but I am using the VR template and clicking play in the editor. I’m not sure if the Camera in the Editor mirrors the VR HMD but I’m assuming it does? Is it okay to play in the editor for development purposes or is it suggested we use the HMD all the time in development?

Anyway, I have tried the following BP on my Actor, but nothing rotates at all.

UPDATE: Rotating works in a blank game mode (but I changed get player character to get player pawn) that worked, but not in the VR template.

Are there some VR world settings that would make this NOT work? I’d appreciate any ideas. Thank you

Hey, I created a blueprint of type actor as follows:

The StaticMesh is at 0, 0, 0 in the viewport. With BeginPlay it gets a random point around the origin(DefaultSceneRoot). Then with EventTick it gets rotated to the player and the DefaultSceneRoot will always be at the position of the player (pawn). The RotatingMovement lets the StaticMesh rotate around the player.