Rotating a cubemap


I’m trying to rotate a spheremap using RotateAboutAxis but all it does is spiraling the sky rather than rotating it. It basically pins pixels around rotation axis. I know it would be much easier to use world position offset pin but I rather avoid rotating actual geometry. I want to rotate it dynamically in two different axises for stars simulation.

Some screenshots:

Hey Talkativeone,

This is how I would go about rotating the cubemap.

Let me know if that helps!


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Thank you so much, this works perfectly! However, there is one more thing I can’t figure out. I’m trying to add two rotations to each other now (I want to expose pitch and yaw of the sky to BP). I did a few tests but I can’t quite get it to work (it skews the skybox rather than rotate as soon as I try to add input from second rotation axis. I think DEFNIQUE had a problem similar in nature but I can’t quite follow Ryan’s instructions here: Combining Rotations (RotateAboutAxis) for World Position ffset - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Any help on that would be much appreciated!

Hi sorry for the late reply, for some reason my queue didn’t update with your response. Anyway, what exactly are you trying to do? Could you describe the effect you are going for.

Depending on what you are doing I may suggest masking off part of the sphere OR using a lerp node.


No worries, I’m still struggling with it. My cubemap is a full star sky. I want to rotate it in two axis to accurately simulate Earth’s night sky rotation based on geographical latitude via blueprint. Therefore, I need pitch and yaw of the rotation. I think rotating the pixels is the only solution as rotating the sky in world position (actual vertices) would not suit my setup (my clouds use uv coordinates)

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You can have multiple axes mixed while rotating with this setup.

Please see discussion here, I posted correct answer there