Rotated Cubemap?

Got an HDRI from freebies section and am using it for reflections on my ocean water.
For some reason, the texture is rotated along either the X or the Y axis by 90 degrees and it also seems to be doubled.
It’s a normal Lat/Long image in 2:1 aspect
Reflection setup is really simple atm.

This happens with certain LL HDRIs but not with others. Also sometimes I have to mask the vector (R,G) sometimes I don’t. It’s very strange. Documentation only glosses cubemap with regards to ambient lighting. Has zero info on using cubes for reflections.

Bump. This is really a strange issue. It doesn’t happen with every spherical texture. Just randomly. Swapping out for different textures without changing anything at all in the expression allows some to work correctly.

Oh my gawd!

Figured out a work around.
Use a Scene Capture Cube and a Texture Render Target
Assemble within a small duplicate skysphere somewhere out of sight of the gameplay then assign to emissive.
Not elegant, but it gets the job done.