Rotate texture object

Is it possible to rotate a texture object before it gets input into a texture sample? I need to rotate a wood grain texture by 90 degrees before it gets to the texture sampler, but I can’t modify the uv inputs on the sampler since it distorts a projection effect that I’m working on.

Hmm, this seems a bit obvious. But have you rotated them inside your photo editing software?

Trying to avoid doing that. I could probably make it work in a substance, but I’d like to find a way to do it in a material.

It might sound obvious but you’d need to modify that projection effect you are talking of.
Maybe add a parameter or switch to make it work for both, horizontally and vertically aligned textures.

I’m not projecting on the XY or YZ planes. There is only one texture being projected from roughly a 45 degree angle to the XY plane with a (somewhat) depth based deformation on the top to give a wood end grain effect. Unfortunately, since it’s based on the local coordinate system (to prevent texture swimming) it destroys the effect if I try and rotate the texture sampler. On a side note, I tried using a substance to modify the textures in engine, but they don’t seem to work with texture inputs.

Here’s an example of the textures (corrected in Gimp) projected on simple shapes. There are only 2 textures, the wood albedo and normal.