Rotate TextRendererComponent to face the player C++

Hi I quite new to unreal and C++ but have many years of C# dev experience, Im currently having trouble rotating a text renderer component so it faces the player I can get the text to rotate the same as the player by getting the rotation setting of the player and assigning it to the TextComponent but it is facing the opposite way as expected and I cant find a easy way to flip it.

Also I’m a little confused as to what Actor handles the events (World Actors or Player Controller), currently I have Actor (pickup) that detect the Player by the overlapping begin event and sets the textrenders visible = true and then false on the end event, this works but its in the begin event that I try to rotate the text but this only works once on overlap and ideally I would want the text to keep following the player while its displayed. I could use the Tick event on them but then all these pickup objects in the world would have tick events continually firing and that cant be good.

Maybe if I activate the Tick event on the fly when a player enters the sphere but register events has to be done in the Constructor right?
What about dynamically adding the TextRenderComponent on the fly when a player enters the sphere and destroying it on end event? is this an expensive operation to keep creating a destroying Components rather then them always existing and toggling its visibility