rotate skybox material,HOW??!!!

hey i have this material for the sky

but the problem is i can’t rotate it like in the picture i want this side of the hdri to face the X axis

please help.

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Add a transform vector:

Select the new node then look at the context menu to the left, and make sure it is set to “World space to local space”


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hey mamoniem

it works
thanks for your help.

welcome buddy :slight_smile:

thank u senpai!!! :slight_smile:

@mamoniem this worked to rotate the material; however, the skybox material now rotates a few degrees left and right based on the direction I’m looking. Any ideas?

I don’t really understand how this works, but this might help:

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Thank you

add the transform node where? And what do i input into it

Thanks so much Mamoniem! Adding a transform vector node after the reflection vector node allowed me to rotate it in any direction.