Rotate Player

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I´m really new with UE and working on a project for universitiy. In my project, a navigation task, I need my FP-Character to step on a hidden platform and rotate for 90 degree. Help from another answerhub led me to the BluePrint you see below, but it doesn´t work at all. Do you have any idea why? Or alternatives to rotate my character?


Other actor is your Character yes? Is it going through the blueprint? (I’m failry new too, but that’s the first thing I check. Play in separate Windows, make it so you can see the blueprint too, and check if the flow gets through it, if it isn’t let us know)

I think its because you use control rotation, so you need to set ControlRotation to +90, not character rotation itself.

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BP is working in Event Graph, but not in Play Mode…

Hi redbox,

I didn´t really understand your answer. Which one should I change into what? There is no Control Rotation in my BP…

Morning mate. Try casting Other Actor to your character, get rotation add to it and set rotation after it.

in case your player character uses UseControlRotationYaw = true, it gets control rotation provided by player controller. And it will override any rotation you set for your character. So to rotate character you need to set ControlRotation, not usual WorldRotation

Sounds like a good idea, but now it is teleporting me to a totally different place in my landscape (:

Try what redbox is suggesting, if it doesn’t work let’s go on with this. In the screenshot you are onyl setting a variable. You need a Cast to YourCharacter node (where YourCharacter is your character bp). After that you get a pin for As YourCharacter. From there get the rotation only (not transform) add to it and set it again.

To do what redbox suggests, I think you can directly use Get Player Controller (index 0) and add to it there.

Getting closer? But how do I avoid the error?

Connect the Other Actor from the event to the Object pin of the Cast to Spielfigur. Then make the rotator and instead of makeing a transform, call SetControlRotation node

PS: Sorry but I’m not at home can’t give you a screenshot.

You don´t have to be sorry! Thank you for not giving up on my lack of UE-skills. It is still teleporting my Player some “meters” forward but not rotating it.

You are still using Transform mate. And having the other values to 0 will teleport it to 0 (i think at least). Delete the Make Trasform and SetActor Trasform. Add SetControlRotation and plug in the rotator.

On a side node, you can Split the struct there, so you can plug in only the Yaw without needing to make rotator.


Still wrong!?

U tell us, is it working? :slight_smile:

I was bored and tried something similar mate. The easiest thing I found is this, use the node AddControlerYawInput clean and easy.

Target is your Character, Val would be 90 for you.