Rotate player with camera rinterp

I am trying to rotate my client with the yaw of the fallow camera using Rinterp. this works kinda… However the clients owner sees the rotation kind of jittery for some reason and all the other clients see it smooth?

can someone by chance point me in a right direction
thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I guess it the perspective thing.

When another client sees the mesh turn by 3 degrees at a time, it seems okay, since the distance the edge points of the mesh travel is quite short; whereas when you look from the point of view of the camera that rotates, the same 3 degrees may be a great deal, because it’s objects in the surrounding world that move in the screen, and the further they are, the more distance they travel in the screen space, and to you it seems jittery.

no because if I rotate just the mesh and not the capsule it appears smooth it is strange :confused:

also if it is in stand alone the player rotates smooth

the rotation is not the same for server and client either though
but I do not know if that matters cause it is the server lagging behind the client