Rotate Particle Emitter (and particles) around emitter origin?

Take a look at the following picture.


The rays of the sun are currently rendered via a particle system. The particles are configured with ScreenAlignment=PSA Velocity so they extend outwards and use SizeByLife to scale over time. I want to rotate the entire particle system (emitter) via blueprint around its Y axis so the sun, along w/the particles, rotate clockwise. I thought I could set the emitters rotation but it doesn’t seem to affect the particles that are living. I would want them all to rotate around the emitters origin. Is this possible and how??

The reason why I need to do this in BP is because I’m ultimately hooking this into the devices Gravity/Tilt so the sun would rotate as the user tilts their device one direction or another. This is a really nice effect.


Answer = UseLocalSpace=true!!!

Thank you my boi!