Rotate, Move and Scale objects in ARKit?

(NOTE: I’m never really sure where to post my questions: here or on the answersunrealengine site. In this instance, I’ve done it on both)

I’ve managed to make a VERY basic app (for iOS) that creates a cube whenever I click the screen using ARKit. However, I now need to be able to rotate and position (even scale perhaps?) the object by the usual pinh/drag controls of the iPhone.

Could anybody give me some pointers as to where to begin with this please?

I’m using UE4.18.3 presently.

Hey there
I’ve done a simple swipe rotation within the object blueprint (placeable) it works.
But I really prefer doing the swipe inside de ARpawn bp but I think is not possible to add rotation to a spawned actor, I’m not an expert thou.

hi !
how to create intro amin ? can you explain for me and capture all window @@ , tks so much