Rotate Client Controller on Server RPC

I’m developing a 1vs1 multiplayer game now.

In this game, I have to possess on multiple characters and I made it.

I can possess on multiple characters in server and client.

The problem is that I should make a character remember the view rotation.

It means when I possess on Character 2 from Character 1 and possess back on Character 1 from Character 2, Character 1 should look at the direction that I was looking before possessing on Character 2.

So I made it on the server.

However, when I possess on Character 2 from Character 1 in client mode, the Character 2 look at the direction that Character 1 was looking.

I think the reason is that I am using SetControlRotation() of the PlayerController of Client on Server RPC and the function doesn’t work.

Is there any solution?

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