Rotate CameraVector in material?

Hi, I’m simulating a skybox in a post process using a simple flipped camera vector into a cubemap.

HOWEVER, I’ve been trying for hours to rotate the camera vector around the Z axis with no success (for moving clouds).

Any way I’ve tried to rotate the camera vector based on time ends up with crazy stretched UV’s. Can anyone help me out?


@Juice-Tin Yeah, because you’re not rotating the camera vector, you’re using it as input to the UVs, which will give you crazy UVs :slight_smile:

To get the effect you’re trying to achieve, you could use a panner node. The camera doesn’t need to move, just the material UVs.

You could also put the material on the inside of a ball, make it a BP and rotate that.

It can’t be a panner because it’s simulating the sky. So the player can still look around and stuff and the sky behaves as it should. Only problem is it should also rotate a bit on it’s own.
Can’t be a BP either since it’s 100% done in a post process for something I’m working on.

Edit: Figured out a solution: