Rotate an object by its Center of Mass?

what i did to change pivot on an object, was to add a dummy invisible sphere as base of its hierarchy. that permit to control the actor using 2 differents pivots, and if you move your object to place the sphere on it’s center of mass, you ll get the pivot you need.
hope it will work for what you need!

Hi everyone!

I would like to know if there is a way to rotate the center of mass of an object.

I have some objects that the pivot center is not centered as the center of mass, so when we rotate it, it rotates at the pivot point. Since there is no way to change the pivot point during game play (not even for a while) I tried to rotate the object based on its own center of mass, but is it possible?

I appreciate any help
thank you!

I understand, and thanks for your answer, however, the objects are physics objects in the world, everyone different from the other, so the rotation can happens when I grab it, but it occurs based at the object´s pivot… I would like to rotate in center of mass