Rotate About Axis for Sphere Material without Moving Shadow

I connected Rotate About Axis to World Position Offset for my sphere material. The material moved -90 degrees relative to the Z axis. It works fine but my sphere shadow moved too. Is it possible to rotate the material about my axis without moving sphere’s shadow (made by Directional Lights) too? It looks unnatural now. I have a shadow (the dark side of the sphere) where it should be bright.

P.S. I made it as this one:

Use the shadow pass switch node to set the WPO to 0 during the shadow pass and it won’t move.

Edit: The above only applies to cast shadows. If you’re instead talking about the mesh shading (form shadow) then you will want to use the FixRotateAboutAxisNormals node instead of RotateAboutAxis

I was talking about mesh shading. I’ve added FixRotateAboutAxisNormals and plugged into Normal (for my material). The shadow is okay now. Thanks. :wink: