ROOM ONE touch sense VR proof of concept demonstration.

ROOM ONE Proof of concept Demo.


(A little about how I originally came up with this idea)
I enjoy experimenting inside VR just like everyone else but spending long hours inside VR can mess with your head and i was always bumping into things if I’m inside VR to long and forgetting what’s real to lean on and what’s not has happened to me many times lol and my sense of direction was gets totally lost. When coming out of VR it sometimes feels like my minds was still there and takes a while to lose the disorianted feeling and be back in reality 100%.
So this is why I first decided to match my work space environment. It’s the Perfect VR world for experimenting in for long periods of time and with no worries what u can lean on and no worries where you are inside your room. There was only one real problem and that was I keep forgetting where my office chair on wheels was inside my room and on many occasions I walked straight into it. So this is why I had the idea to prop track my chair. but this opened up more cool ideas for experimentation.
Anyways I hope you enjoy the concept idea video and I hope to release another video soon showing one kind of scenario that can happen inside a touch sense VR environment.

New video released soon Called: DOLL HOUSE

Description: scenario 1
You are living in a doll house Inside a Giants Home. You’re the Childs favourite toy so you need to be carful not to annoy her and will have to do all she instructs to keep her entertained or else.
You remain inside the doll house and she remains outside. she can lift the roof off the doll house and can poke and prod through the windows. She will occasionally invade your space if you don’t do all she commands and will do many disruptive things to get you moving around and interacting with your props and touch sense space. Your free to dodge her and move around the doll house with full confidence. It’s quite a strange experience being a kids toy but enjoyable.

Very cool proof of concept! I’m curious, how are you tracking the chair and table when moving it around? I’m guessing you have a Vive controller attached to them but just out of the view?

Also i don’t want to discourage you but you are going to face some though competition from “The Void” which have massive funding and talent, and have already deployed their first arcade experience in New York’s Madame Tussauds:

At current I’m just using vive controllers for tracking props. I know this isn’t an ideal solution but is fine for experimenting purposes till a more ideal solution is found.

The concept idea for room one was made back in February but the video was put together in July for the perception neuron contest and since showing the video and letting people try the room It was brought to my attention that a company called the void are doing a similar experience but on a grand scale with a big budget.
I knew when playing with this idea that someone somewhere must also be experimenting and merging a solid reality environment with a matching virtual reality environment because it makes perfect sense too mix the two realities together. I did try Googling to see if this was already being experimented with but failing to find anything in my searching. I was surprised to see that someone is already miles ahead of the game but I don’t see the void as competition as their experience is a doom type experience. Room one Would be just a single room like in the video but a slightly bigger area to move around in and would be located in Manchester England. It’s just a safe environment for vistor to experience VR in a new way with 5 to 10 short experiences to select from. Void looks like something more suited to a theme park. I cannot compete with them lol I’m aware of this and wouldn’t want to try too.

I understand, i’ve seen many cases where the same idea was developed completely independently, just mentioning it in case you didn’t know about them.

I believe they want to put venues in all major city centers, places like the trocadero in London… apparently they don’t need huge spaces because they use redirected walking.

Obviously if you give a different enough experience and/or price you could coexist with them and other VR arcades.

Best of luck!