Room is dark. Character is not.

I’ve just tried to get a perfect dark room. It seems lightning (lightmap) for the room itself works well. However the character is still affected by light which is outside if he gets at a location where the two meshes where put together. Is this expected behaviour?


Inside (skylight switched off):

Inside (dynamic lights outside):

Screenshot taken inside of the wall:

Same scene skylight on (character even brighter … some minor lightbleed at one corner… could be fixed probably with 45° sharped meshes):

Same scene skylight on - dynamic lights outside (character even brighter - but red dynamic lights outside does not seem to light him):

I’ve got better results with intersecting meshes where the most outside faces did not reach into the room. However static lights even punched through on the character in that case.

You need few things:

  • Reflection capture inside the house so that the reflection environment is correctly black.

  • Lightmass importance volume so that the indirect lighting cache is dense enough

You can visualize the indirect lighting cache, it’s an option in the viewport options somewhere.