Rolling Ball Movement Neither Smooth, Nor Predictable

My rolling ball game isn’t going well. I’m a beginner to unreal engine and while I have successfully developed a prototype, the ball just keeps rotating on its axis fast with little actual Movement. I am attaching a GIF of the movement as well as a screenshot of the moment blueprint. All help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Game Rolling Ball

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Please Help!

maybe this can help you

I’ll surely try it out today

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here is the original thread with more details :slight_smile:

but my pawn player is simply a spherical object with no rings or anything, will the video still be of help? Pardon me if it will, I am still in an early stage of learning the engine. thanks!

yes…just pay attention how the ball is rolled.
Bassically using ADD FORCE instead TORQUE

Add Force is linear direction force. (like pushing it) …apply pointing the direction you want it to move (forward vector multiplied by a factor for example)

Thanks, I definitely check out the video, :slight_smile:

another advice:


instead getting the player pawn and casting it in every tick like that, just do that ONCE in the beginplay node and store the object in a variable and in the inputaxis even you just get the variable

What kind of variable should the sphere variable be? static mesh? I am not yet to understand in-depth code!

I chose input key mapping, is it that? Please let me what kind of variable the ball should ball be, is it a static mesh or an input axis or something else. Thanks for the help!

It seems that add force goes with the character class but my player is only a pawn.