Roll call: Going to Oculus Connect?

Hey there,

Senior staff from Epic will be heading to Oculus Connect, Sept. 23-25.

We’d love to hear from other UE4 developers who will be at the conference.

Please drop a line if you’ll be in attendance. Thanks!


Hey Dana! I bit the bullet and got a ticket. (500$ is steep, but for 3 days of fun and food could be worth it ;-))

I’d love to go, but it’s too expensive for a self-funded two person indie team like mine :frowning:

@Alexotronic - Awesome! Should be a great conference.

They just published the schedule:

Lots of UE4 devs are speaking amongst Epic, Oculus, Oculus Story Studio, Kite & Lightning, Minority Media, The VR Company.

Even more will be in attendance. See you there!

Hi Crowl! I’ll be there too, we are having a blast creating highly immersive VR experiences using Unreal (4.9 is great) & can’t wait to chat with some of the people who made this all possible!

Ill be there! Im also thinking of signing up for the 1 on 1s on Friday. Does one sign up the at the event or is there some other way?

I picked the wrong option on the application and thus didn’t get the $95 ticket, so I had to decline my invitation, d’oh. Despite being only about 10 minutes from the convention center.

Hi Dana.

I’ll be heading to Oculus Connect again this year, and look forward to meeting up with the folks from Epic. The planned one-on-one sessions sound like a great idea.


Will be there as well. Definitely won’t miss any UE4 sessions. See you all soon!

-Jeff Marshall

We’ll be there as well! We meet some of you at Gamescom this year, the indie guys who were with NVIDIA, from Slovenia. See you in LA!

Nejc Lešek,
Frontseat Studio

Hey Dana!

Our entire team is lucky to go this year. Looking forward to seeing you there-from me and the rest of the White Lotus Interactive crew!


I’ll be there to represent HBO.

I’ll be there too!

I’ll be going, too :slight_smile:

Our team will be there in force!

I’ll be there, pretty stoked :slight_smile: