Roguelike Multiplayer Template

Hi all! Poketto☆Studio would like to introduce you to our first submission for the UE4 Market Place. (Available now at the MarketPlace for $29.99!)](Roguelike MultiPlayer in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

**Scroll down for a simple tutorial for this template if you are having troubles!

A complete Blueprint ready UE4 Roguelike game template which comes with everything you require to start your very own Roguelike multiplayer game.
You can build your own original Roguelike game under 2 weeks with the help of this template.

This template features:
[INDENT]-A complete network implemented ready to go multiplayer system
-100% Blueprint powered AI Bots optimized for both single play and multi-play
-A multiplayer inventory system
-Menu settings for sound and more
-Basic punches, sword attacks and magic attacks
-UMG damage and health bar
-Random dungeon generation capability[/INDENT]

Video: (English subtitles available)

Here’s a game we built using this template within 2 weeks:

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Looking awesome!! And price is very cheap, if inventory/equipment and multiplayer system comes with in. And most important is that there is basic attacks and is there many weapons mesh in that package??

Unfortunately we won’t be providing any weapon meshes however you can use meshes from for example Infinite Blade which is completely free with this template to make your game :slight_smile:

Yes. I have that package. And I think that it is easy to add mesh for example weapon to player hand in that project

Looks brilliant mate, looking forward to it!

only one week and then it is release day. Hope it is easy to add weapons

What’s the price on this?






Is there any documentation available? I’m looking through the project files and there’s no explanation about how or why things work. There’s even some Japanese here and there obscuring things further.

Blueprints are commented.

Class description comes in the technical note .

If you have any specific question please dont hesitate to contact us by mail.


Right now in the editor the main game level is been set as default however if you package the game, the menu with multiplayer/singleplayer option will be displayed as default instead. If you wish to access multiplayer mode within the editor you could either change the level manually or change the default start map into the menu level.







「」 or 「」
UE4 Default Port 「7777」

ServerSide PortForward plz.
Open Port「7777」.
IPaddress「GlobalIP or DNS :7777」

Fun time!!

Hi Guys!



TPS view!!

TPS view Tutorial!








Fun time!!!

Changing the experience system is an easy task. I attached a screenshot for you. Please have a look at it.

EnemyCharacter is accessing a function called SetEXP inside RL_PlayerState. In there you can change the XP based on enemys level.


Q. How to change HP of the character?
A. [PlayerCharacter] gets its HP from the game instance so if you want to change the HP, just alter the values of [MaxHitPoint] and [HitPoint] within [RL_GameIntance].

Q. How to change the HP of enemies?
A. Within the blueprint of [EnemyCharacter] you should find the variables [MaxHitPoint] and [HitPoint]. Similar to player character, just adjust those to your preferences.

Q. How do I change add different enemy meshes?
A. It is very easy to have a different mesh for the enemy. Create a new class using [EnemyCharacter] as the base class and just change the mesh in the new class.


Q. How can I get rid of the displayed texts such as sword magic?
A. The text are displayed through the 3dWidget of [DropItemTemplate]. So in order to get rid of it, you could either change the settings in BeginPlay or delete the 3dWidget component completely.

Q: How can I have multiple differet characters in the game? For example spawning different kinds of enemies.
A: Select the blueprint to spawn the AIs within [GenerateAsset].

Q: Could you also send me some information on how to get the multplay to work like how to check ports and stuff?
A: Check ports etc can be found in the .ini file. Please refer to the UE4 documentation for the settings of the file.

Q: Regarding - YouTube I am interested in getting that. How would I set that up to randomly spawn in the game?
A: If you wish to spawn a different trap randomly, this can also be changed in [GenerateAsset].

Hi, how can I have multiple differet weapons in the game?

Hi zubiri12.

Q: How do I have multiple weapons?
A: In order to have multiple weapon meshes, add the different blueprint classes to the item information and then set them.


Q: How do I add multiple kinds of spells to the player?
A: There are multiple ways of implementing extra spells to the player. The easiest way is by the method displayed in picture attached. After increasing the number of different spells in the chest, you can further subdivide it by its name. Then you’d be able to do further adjustments within the blueprint.