Rockstar Games' BULLY environment recreation

Hi guys!

I’ve just completed my first major Unreal Engine 4 project, and I thought I’d share it here!

It’s an homage to one of my favourite games, ‘Bully’ by Rockstar Games. I’d love to see a second game in the franchise, so I figured it would be a fitting project. It serves as a demonstration of prop art skills, as I’ve made everything in the scene from scratch.

I’m really pleased with how it has turned out. I’m currently working on some production breakdown sheets for my university brief. If you have any crit for me to consider in the future, fire away!

There’s also a few more screenshots on my website.

Thanks for looking!

Here’s a video fly-through:

Finished level screenshots:

Oh man, I instantly get the urge to play this game again.
Awesome work !

My only nitpick would be the low res gamepads :confused:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

Good spot! I think I thought they’d be less significant within the scene, but now that you say it I think they could’ve done with more resolution. Thanks for the tip!

Simply put…

Astonishing !!! Really :smiley:

THX for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you and you’re more than welcome! I’m really happy with the outcome

Its amazing great job bud

I’ve seen this yesterday on a facebook post. Real nice, well done!

Really great work! I have nothing to give feedback on. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the kind words, I’ve worked really hard on it so it’s really rewarding, thanks!

Being a huge fan of the game, this is a really nice treat to see! looks awesome! :smiley:

wow. looks great!

look very nice

Screechout, CTPEJIOK22 and , thanks, I’m really flattered by the response!

all from scratch? all meshes? you alone? wow that too much work… and nice work!

Yep! Haha, it’s my major project for my Master’s degree, so I’ve really worked hard on it. Thank you!

I’m now working on an Art Book as part of my university project assignment, and I thought I’d share it here. It basically aims to explain some of my methods for particular props.

I’ll be uploading more as they come, here and my website]( If you need to see higher resolution versions, you can download them from my imgur](

Here’s the first couple, enjoy!

I am playing this game right now (got it for 3$ on Steam)
And this is Amazing!!


Incredible! Takes me back seeing that dormitory.

Thanks guys! It’s such a great game.

Here’s a couple more design pages:

Here’s a few more breakdown sheets: