Rocket Racing: Teleporter Checkpoints aren't teleporting after the first teleport

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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The RR Checkpoint Device has the ‘Teleport Enabled’ flag, but it isn’t teleporting after the first instance of a teleport on the map.

Using the Island # listed below:

After going up and over the ramp, go straight to the funnel shape. Ignore the checkpoints in the air. You’ll finish the lap with a teleport at the end. On the 2nd lap aim for one of the teleporters on the freefall that you ignored on lap one. You’ll notice the teleporter does not work.

If you restart the race, and go for one of the freefall teleporters first, it’ll work.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up a non-looping track with finish and start line checkpoints separated: Checkpoint 0 and Checkpoint 1

  2. Create 4 additional checkpoints (Checkpoint A, B, C, D)
    a. Checkpoint 1’s next checkpoint are Checkpoint A and Checkpoint C
    b. Checkpoint A is teleport enabled to Checkpoint B.
    c. Checkpoint B’s next checkpoint is Checkpoint C.
    d. Checkpoint C’s next checkpoint is Checkpoint D.
    e. Checkpoint D’s is teleporter enabled to Checkpoint 0.
    f. Checkpoint 0’s next checkpoint is Checkpoint 1.

  3. Start a gameplay session (private or direct session from UEFN)

  4. On lap 1, use Checkpoint C and complete the lap (teleporting from Checkpoint D) - NOTICE: Teleporter works.

  5. On lap 2, use Checkpoint A to teleport to B and attempt to finish the lap

Observe: Checkpoint D does not teleport.

If you restart the track and follow the 2nd lap progression on the first lap of a new race, you won’t even be able to complete the first lap.

Expected Result

Regardless of the number of teleporters, they should always function.

Observed Result

After the first teleportation, none of the following teleporters will function.



Island Code


Additional Notes

Videos and screenshots available upon request.