Robo Recall Mod Editor - March 9 - Live from Epic HQ


is joining us for this stream, but this time he’s a guest and not a host! During GDC, Epic Games released Robo Recall with a Mod Editor! will be walking us through the ins-and-outs of the Robo Recall mod editor while explaining the history of its creation. Come and learn about how you too can make a mod editor of your own, then stay to hear about new announcements! Plus we’ll have news from GDC and community spotlights to talk about again, so be there!

Thursday, March 9th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



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Do you folks (Epic) plan on making tutorials about specifics of making new AI, new weapons, etc. for Robo Recall and packaging it into deliverable mods? (maybe someone wants to make a short mission with NPCs or/and a bit differently acting AI, objectives, etc.)

Can we see how Robo Recall deals with Correct Foot Placement and Physical Animation simultaneously? In case we want to import some custom characters and get them setup properly, I totally don’t have an ulterior motive with that question.

I’ve been staring at the blueprints in the mod editor already, but am definitely overlooking something.

Does the core game use any of the Nvidia VRWorks library?

I hope we’ll touch base on customising/adding features to weapons/enemies/the current AI!
Also, would be nice if we can have a look at if it’s possible & how things should be connected to develop kind of a leader-board and connect your modded maps together?

is the in VR play in Editor testing feature of robo recall integrated in the engine for normal UE4 projects or is this just created manually via BPs? It would be a time saver if i could test in editor without the need to putting the headset on and spend five minutes locating the controller while you have the headset :slight_smile:

Yep! has been for quite some time

I do not believe so

You’d likely just take the same approach as building AI controllers for any other UE4 project. If it’s a subclass of OdinCharacter, it can be used in the vanilla game. If it’s in a new map / mod, it can be anything :cool:

Why is it that all materials show ridiculously high shader instruction counts ? Even the simplest materials have over 500 instructions.
The shader complexity view, however, shows the correct counts.

Can take a look over GameJam entries, I feel like a huge wave of asset stealing from RoboRecall is incomming :slight_smile: <3

How can we user it? I don’t find a way to use my motion controllers unless I put my HMD on with VR Play…