Road To A Full RTS Game

Hi, I’m currently working on a full RTS game with the goal of having it contains as many common RTS elements as possible. I’m also uploading videos on how i did it on YouTube so anyone who’s interested can create the same thing or even modify it to their own taste. Modification to my blueprints should be very easy and simple and i do sincerely hope that everyone modifies it. Right now this project will work for the server-client model, listen or dedicated. As soon as ServerTravel() works correctly in blueprints i can make a lobby and have game hosting and finding so it will more resemble an online game. The goal of this project is to help anyone who’s new to ue4 to quickly learn the basics and apply that basic to building their own game. As of now I’m doing an RTS but once it’s done i will try to do a FPS and an RPG depending on how fast my brain works.

Assets to be use:
-Starter Content
-TopDownCity from mp or any mesh that represent buildings
-Sci-fi weapon (silver/black) from mp or any mesh that represent guns
-Medieval Weapon Pack from mp or any mesh that represent melee weapons
-Miximo Character from mp (free) or any character you have

Here is the link to Part 1 of the RTS Series: The Camera
Part 2: Building Placement
Part 3: Unit Creation And Selection
Part 4: Unit Combat

Part 5: Multiplayer Lobby 6: Switching Unit 7: 4.10 Update

Part 8: Formation
And this is a rough timeline of project
- The Camera
- Building Placement
- Creating Combat Units
- Unit Selection
- Unit Combat
- Fighting Against Yourself
- Resource Gathering
- Fog of War
- MiniMap
- Win Condition
I hope you guys will check it out and learn a lot from it. My email is on my YouTube channel so feel free to email me if you have any questions or if there’s something wrong with my videos. Thank you.


I have not yet had the time to fully check this out, but it looks very promising.
Thanks for the contribution, will go through it tonight!

thank you so much for posting this

No problem i hope it’ll be very helpful for everyone.

great, thanks!
things to implement in C++ :slight_smile:

Is it possible to share your project?

Not really because i’m using stuff from the marketplace so i probably get into some trouble if i share it with everyone.

Currently working on part 4 which is combat is it’s pretty fun.

you could use free or placeholder models instead of marketplace stuff if once you decide to share the project. even simple bsp cubes would do the job.
the videos are quite long, you could divide large topics into smaller section in future (but it is really your decision), that would make their watching easier. if I know I have 15 or 30 or 60 mins free time, I could plan better to watch one or more smaller sections.
but anyway thanks for them, and I’m awaiting the new ones :slight_smile:

Could you also make a part about save/load? There is so many stuff to store, I really don’t know how to do this part

I will label the video with important events in the description with times so you can easily find them but i just havent had the time to do that yet, maybe after part 4.

thanks, it would be fine.

Hey Pallyqle

I followed all your Videos. Pretty long, but nice and detailed. You do an outstanding job!

Thanks from my side for all your effort!

Thank you and part 4 is done and it’s longer than part 3 so i hope everyone will enjoy :slight_smile: And part 5 will be about resource gathering but because i’ll be back in school soon i won’t be able to do it as quickly. However, i’m taking classes in 3d modeling and character animation with Maya so i’m pretty excited about that and whatever i learn about those two topics you can expect to see how to videos on modeling and animation. I think making animation is very important when it comes to game and it’ll be nicer to test out your game if you have decent animations.

Thanks for adding these tutorials. They are really great!
As others have mentioned they are pretty long, but the detail is amazing and very valuable!

I might be able to help you out with some basic 3D models so you don’t have to use premium content.
Also the “RTS Community Project” (link) has some models available, free to use.
That way, if you would choose so, you could release the end result yourself.

Thanks again!

Part 4 is out enjoy everyone and now i’ll try to find significant events in my videos and put the time in the description.

Are you also planning to show how to create a complete Enemy A.I.?
That’s an important part of a RTS game and a really hard problem to solve. Otherwise these Combat Units are quite useless. :wink:

I think the point of these tutorials, as like most of them, is to give you a kick in the right direction not to give you a full AAA source code.
Other AI tutorials should help you expand the enemy/AI setup covered in these tutorials.

^ What he said

Actually I never found an AI tutorial that covers more than simple combat logic.
BUt I got other projects on my schedule now. Just curious.