Road To A Full RTS Game

thanks for this… so much effort… :slight_smile:

A little bit of part 5 preview is up. I added double click selection and a very early progress of gatherer going to resource and hitting it.

A quick video showing how to do circular umg progress bar

New progress on online lobby

Thanks for the updates, looking forward to it.

thanks for your tutorial, waiting for fog of war tutorial.

hi pallyqle, can you post the link to assets that you are using in marketplace.
So anyone can implement this as exercise with no hiccups while following your video.

I don’t think it’s legal for me to post them for download but yes i can post what i asset i use.

Going to do multiplayer lobby video next weekend. It’s gonna be fun.

I’m very happy that you’re making the effort to do this, but you really need to work on your teaching skills. Probably half of your videos are just silence or you saying “uhh”. Your voice is also very grating and croaky. You sound like a frog trying to speak English.

Again: I’m very happy that you’re making the effort to do this… but I think you would be better off just making some long effort posts or adding your information to the Wiki because your videos are really hard to sit through. Especially considering how long they all are.

edit-- Here are some specific points of advice that will improve the quality of your videos tremendously:

  • Write out the steps of all the important points of information you want to share in the video.
  • Edit out the long pauses and the “uhhh…” moments in your video. They are excruciatingly boring.
  • At the beginning, spend a few minutes explaining the steps and the details of what you’ll be doing. Maybe draw a picture or something.

part 5 about online lobby is up.

Thanks again for these tutorials.
I was working on a way to switch from Commander to an individual player (RTS to FPS) and almost finished when I noticed your preview video. Looking forward to that tutorial.

Thank you,

This looks great. Look forward to getting into this when I’ve got some time. Thanks for doing this.

Not related to the RTS Series but here my project where i tried to copy clash of clan. It is still work in progress but i want to give it out now for anyone who interested.

Grid Building Placement and minecraft like placement if anyone’s interested RTS First Person

Started working on minimap here’s the early progress i made this does not use scene capture

Part 6 about unit switching is up

This looks really good. I look forward to getting in a following along when I have the time. Thanks for doing this.

I’ve been looking a bit at your tutorials. Pretty cool. Do you have anything on coordinated unit movement? Getting a group of units to move cleanly to a location without bumping into each other or fighting over a spot at that location?

I was wondering if the way you handled it in your preview video was all math based on a chosen leader or if using something like EQS.

Formation wise that is all math base.