RMB requires 2 rapid clicK instead of just one SINGLE CLICK, when hovering over buttons from my HUD.

All thats hooked up to my RMB is a string print which says hello.

Yet, when my mouse is hovering over nothing it works great, move that mouse over a button from my HUD though?

RMB Requires 2 clicks to work, and they must be in rapid succession or else its like the first click does nothing at all…

What on earth is causing this to happen?

So you have an RMB input and a button, which has an on clicked event?
Do you mean that the RMB input event stops working while hovering over a button.
Do you mean that the on clicked event of the button does not work when right clicking?

In either case It’s a bit strange.
I added a button to the viewport with an on clicked event, and also added a RMB input event which prints string. Right clicking for me prints the string every time.
However, the button click event does not work when right clicking, and that is seems to work for you which clicking rapidly is odd.

So its happening for you too? And it seems as though its not the ONCLICKED buttons fault, but rather the RMB event that is failing in the camera pawn controller.

Does RMB work for you when you click over a button at all? Clicking RMB really fast is the only way the RMB works when hovering over a button for me.

Thank you very much for trying to recreate my problem BTW!!!

I’m asking which event that you have trouble with. Is it the RMB input event (which is in the player controller or pawn/character), or is it the buttons On clicked event (inside the widget)?

It sounds like you’re trying to get the button to react to a right click?
If so, buttons do not react to right clicks by default, only left clicks. There is however a workaround if that is indeed the problem.

No I don’t want the right click to make the button do anything, I just want it to do what I have told it to do in the camera pawn controller, which is simply print a string.

Simply clicking the RMB works great, prints hello upon one click.

Hover over a button? RMB requires 2 clicks in short succession in order to print “Hello”.

If I just press RMB once, when hovered over a button, it does nothing, not a thing, its almost like I have to right click once when hovering in order for the mouse to even recognize itself, and then if I click again really quickly it will actually do what I have asked it to do in the camera pawn controller. Slow, individual clicks, prints nothing, executes nothing.

So to answer your question it is the RMB on click event that is not behaving properly. The button from the HUD is simply making it to where my RMB requires 2 rapid clicks to work, instead of 1 click.

I honestly think this is some type of bug but I havn’t heard back from EPIC on the answer HUB yet.

In that case I have no problems. Every time I right click while hovering over a button it fires the rmb input event. 4.14.3.
Are you consuming the input anywhere?

Would you mind elaborating on “Consuming”? Sry I’m kind of noob.

Like, do I have anything else hooked up to the RMB? If so, no.

Then you’re probably not. For example if you override functions inside the widget that the button is and consume input there, which means practically disabling any other class to receive the event.

It’s difficult to say what could be wrong, it’s a simple enough setup that should work but then again maybe you’re doing fancy stuff in other classes.
The only thing I can think of to mention is the “set input mode game and UI” node.

Weeeeeelll I have been following a few tutorials and to be honest Im not 100% certain what is going on sometimes. Maybe the guy I’ve been following did what you mentioned.

How could I check to see if any of the visual script I’ve made thus far is overriding functions? Is there a certain node that would be a dead give away?

Again, thanks for your help m8.

EDIT: I’m sorry is this “Set input mode game and UI” what I should be looking for? Because I do have 1 in my camera pawn controller right before my create widget and add to viewport nodes.

You add a function by hovering over the functions menu with the + sign, right. Once you have a fancy function, child classes can override that function by clicking the Override button beside the +Function. If you’ve done that, then you have overriden some functions. Though that doesn’t mean that you’re consuming input.

When it comes to the widget, there are a lot of overridable functions such as “on mouse button down” etc. Have you added any of those? If so ,post some screenshots of them.

EDIT: Forgot to mention though, this problem only happens with buttons that have been attached to some kind of code*, if the button isnt hooked up to anything, it works great.

EDIT 2: Im sorry, its actually not even buttons that have code connected to them, it is specifically happening to buttons, with code attached, that are located inside of a scroll box, which is inside of a retainer box. Im going to try taking these buttons of of their retainer box and see if that does anything.

I donnu if any of that helps you think of anything though.

If the button is blank and has had nothing added to it, this problem doesnt occur.

Ok. I see, I don’t believe I have overridden anything but I’m going to comb through some of the tutorials I’ve been watching to make sure.

I also don’t believe I have added anything such as “On mouse button down”, I think I have seen what your talking about though, they looked like they would be used for creating advanced functions. But again I will check and post back soon!!

Thanks again

EDIT 3: OMG I have isolated the problem. Its the scroll box. Nothing else matters but that, code attached, no code attached, doesnt matter, retainer box isn’t causing any problem.

It is specifically, any clicks made within my scroll box where this problem occurs. It doesn’t even have to be a button. Any thoughts by chance?

Its like any time I click a button in a scroll box, the first click is absorbed somehow by the scroll box, and then it allows me to click again. But the window in which to click a second time closes in a heartbeat.

I’m guessing it is a default scroll box. Is it inside an overlay?

Sorry it took me a while to respond a tree fell on my neighbors fence!

Yes it is a default scrollbox, I don’t even know what an overlay is! lol So I’m gonna guess it doesn’t, but I’m gonna go look right now!

Do you believe not having an overlay would cause this?

An overlay is a widget component in the panel list, it allows you to stack widgets on top of each other, so it could potentially have blocked clicks.
If you haven’t solved it yet, post a screenshot of the hierarchy and any blueprint nodes relevant to the scroll list. And maybe also the scroll list details tab.

  • or try adding a new scroll box as a test and see if that one also causes the same problem.