RMAMirrorAnimation offers an easy way to mirror animations without coding.

Release Notes

New - 5.4 version support.

Fixed - Stuck on the Mirroring Task.

Fixed - UMG Errors.

New - 5.3 version support.

Fixed - Some Fixes.

New - 5.2 version support.

New - 5.1 version support.

Fixed - External Linkages.
Improvement - Performance “NotRuntime”.

New - 5.0 version support.

New - 4.27 version support.

New - 4.26 version support.

Fixed - Minor Fix.

Fixed - Minor Fix.

New - UI have been reworked.
New - Mirrored animations are now AnimSequence assets, i.e. no more custom animation asset type.
New - Any AnimSequence asset can now be mirrored internally from the AnimSequence editor.
New - Location MirrorAxis Base option have been added.
New - Rotation MirrorAxis Base option have been added.
New - Some new keywords have been added to default settings.
Fixed - Several Fixes.
Improvement - Codes have been completely refactored.
Removed - Deprecated code.

List of Features

  • BoneConfig Generator
  • Mirror Multiple Animation assets at Once
  • Mirror animation internally from the AnimSequence editor
  • Two methods of mirroring: Runtime and NotRuntime
  • Easy to use
  • Work with root motion (Only with the method NotRuntime)
  • With source code


Engine Versions
4.17 - 5.4

Development Platforms

Target Build Platforms


Preview : https://youtu.be/TLhrkg1byPM
Marketplace : https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/rmamirroranimation
Gumroad Marketplace : RMA Mirror Animation
Documentation (UE4) : RMAMirrorAnimation (UE4) - Google Docs
Documentation (UE5) : RMAMirrorAnimation (UE5) - Google Docs
NoEditor Example : RMAMirrorAnimationExNoEditor-v1.3.zip - Google Drive

I Submitted it with a price of 44.99 USD.

Posted this as a comment on the marketplace page too:

Hi there,

Quick question before purchase: We have a character with just one animation we want to mirror in their animation blueprint. Our character has several additional bones such as a backpack with some tools hanging off the sides, and their eye bones too. Theoretically the backpack and child bone animations should be fine as will probably just be the same, but the eyes may need to be mirrored too. Does this plugin give enough customisation to allow for a custom mirror table of some kind so only the correct bones are mirrored?


Hi there, you can customize the mirror table, add/remove joints and adjust the axis that is mirrored each joint.

Will you be providing better documentation in the future? The 3 pages provided don’t go into much detail.

Yes, I am planning to make several improvements to the plugin and better documentation.

does it have any restriction when running on consoles?

I did not have the opportunity to test on the consoles but I see no reason not to work.


I purchased the plugin and I’m experiencing some problems. First of all I noticed that the Demo Sample has some issues in the shoulders, where mirrored looks very different from the original.
I attached a picture as example, but if you look closely all mirrored animations have shoulder problems.

Something worse happens with my character. The skeleton structure is an extension of the mannequin, with some more bones, but the alignment is the same.
The worst issue is that when I mirror any animation I see that the neck is longer! It also happens that the arms are a bit shorter, but the finger remain in the same position.

The difference in that part is that the mannequin has “neck_01” and then “head”, while my skeleton has “neck_01”, then “neck_02”, and finally head.

Is there something I can check to avoid this problem? Are there any known issues in your implementation?


Hello, I’m going to investigate the problem and return with a solution as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

Hello again, the problem has been fixed and a new version of the plugin has been submitted, very soon will be available.
If you are still having problems let me know.

Great! How do I know that the new version is available? Should I just download the new version from the marketplace?


Hello, the new version is already available, if you already have a previous version installed recommend uninstall and download again from the marketplace.

Thanks a lot, now seems working like a charm.

We are working to always improve, if you have any suggestions let us know and if possible evaluate the plugin in the marketplace, this helps us to have a feedback.

So I cant seem to figure out how to properly mirror IK bones…is this supported? The locations get all messed up when mirroring. Everything else is fine.

It is expected to work with ik bones, have you added the ik bones on the MirrorTable manually? Did you try to change the axis of the mirroring in the MirrorTable settings?

Hello, do the mirrored animations work in blendspaces? Will it create any flipping due to negative slace values? Thanks.

Hello, it works without any problem.

Wow, fast response. So I have a custom running to the right animation, and with your plugin, I can create a running to the left animation that I can insert into a 2D blendspace, correct? Do I need to keep in the plugin if I just use it to make a direct convertion of the animsequence?