Ripple solver is broken in 4.26

Hey there,
So Ive been testing all the example maps regarding the ripple solver on the BP_FluidSim, and unfortunately it simply doesnt work.

All terrain modes, plenty of changes in parameters - nothing.

I have had success with the Shallow Water solver, which seems to work (although extremely unstable) - I fixed the exploding heights by clamping the X output of the Advect Height material but thats not really a long term solution, also Shallow water is awesome - It may be a little heavy for my particular game.

Has anyone had any luck on getting the BP_FluidSim to give a result when using the ripple solver?

Thanks in advance - Please upvote and bump so we can get an answer, really hoping a hotfix can fix this over the next few days.


I also just came to the realization that Ripple Solver is completely broken, no effect at all for me. Shallow Water Solver is just chaos. Can you explain more how you fixed the exploding height? A screenshot of your material would be great.

Also broken for me:

Hopefully devs will fix in next 4.26.xx release.