RigVMPythonUtils.h not allowing me to build my project

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to learn how to use C++ in Unreal Engine through YouTube tutorials and currently while I’m trying to follow a tutorial I am getting this error. The game was working just fine, then I put an if statement in the “Tick” function and this error started popping up:

I reverted the code back to what was working before and it still brings up the same error. I look at the file that it’s mentioning and it just brings up this:

I’m a beginner to using C++ in the engine, and overall my experience with it has been awful. I can find no discussion boards regarding this issue and I have already tried verifying the installation of Unreal Engine yet nothing I can think of seems to work.

Hello Digiyumon, has the #include for RigVMPythonUtils.h appeared in one of your other scripts you were working on when these errors started appearing? Remove and recompile if it has.

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