Right use of Slate Leaf Widget


I am working with slate right now and test a few things out, I am able to work with various widgets in the simpliest way.

Now i want a little Explanation of Slates/C++ Syntax:

Here is a code example:

void SFirstMenuWidget::Construct(const FArguments& args)
MainHUD = args._MainHUD;

		+ SOverlay::Slot()			
				// Content	
					.ShadowOffset(FIntPoint(-1, 1))
					.Font(FSlateFontInfo("Arial", 26))
					.Text(FText::FromString("Test Titel"))
// I know this is wrong ->	+ if (STextBlock::IsHovered())  -> is this a callback? FReply or so?



The testpurpose is: First show the “test titel”-string on HUD, and on Mouse Over (IsHovered) change text to something else.

How do i make the right access to the function STextBlock::IsHovered ?
What exactly is the ‘+’-operator for?

kind regards for any answers :slight_smile:

uhm… i dont think there will be an answer, but just for completeness this can be marked as closed

kind regards