Rigged SK_Mannequin skeleton in 3DS Max. (For Download)

This is a Control Rigged Mannequin used in Unreal Engine 4, for you guys who are new to animation to have an easier time. Make sure to bake your animations, and only select the bones layer in the Layer Explorer, then “Export Selected” for your animations. This is for 3ds max 2018 but may support earlier versions. This is a Basic rig and one of my first few rigs, so be gentle.

This rig has a preserved Skeletal Hierarchy.

Semi Full Control Rig.

And Custom Swivel angles for (Knee, Elbow, and Fingers).

If this is helpful let me know. Thanks.


Thank you so very much for this rigg it helped me very much ^^

Nice!!!!!good job!!!

How can I replace the character’s mesh with another mesh?
when doing so the arms do not rotate

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