Rigel - All in One Full Body Motion Capture for Body, Fingers and Face - Demo Available

Hi all,

We’re releasing a demo for Rigel, our “All in One” Full Body Motion Capture Solution for body, fingers and face, so that potential customers can test this solution and evaluate accordingly.

Here you can download the executable demo:

Rigel Demo

Since the introduction of the SteamVR Input plugin, there have been some changes related to the Vive Trackers setup, so we made a video explaining what needs to be done in order to make everything work during Rigel’s Calibration.

Rigel Demo Guidelines

User Feedback is very important at this stage, so once you’ll test Rigel, we ask you to spend a couple of minutes on this survey.

Rigel Demo Survey

Looking forward to receive valuable feedback!

For any questions regarding Rigel, feel free to contact [EMAIL=“”]


Nicolas Esposito

Hi all,
We’ve recently updated our Rigel Demo by adding 3 Paragon Characters, Revenant, Yin and Lt.Belica, in order to show the Adaptable IK Retargeting.

Rigel Demo Paragon Characters

You can find the demo download, video setup and documentation using the link in the first post.

Just tested some iClone characters into Rigel.

Really surprised about the character’s quality and how the “Transfer to Unreal” saves ton of time!

Rigel iClone Characters Demo