Rigel - Al in One Full Body Motion Capture Solution - Realtime Data Smoothing

Hi all,

In this video you can see the realtime motion capture data smoothing that allows the user to choose the degree of smoothing while recording motion capture.

This feature is intended to smooth out data while recording fast movements ( like fighting and fast gestures ), in order to smooth out the Vive Pucks ( since they tend to shake a bit ), so that the animation curve will require less cleanup after the mocap has been recorded.

If you want to read more about the entire setup, here is a FAQ page.


Nicolas Esposito

This looks amazing and exactly what I need! I tried sending an email through your site asking about pricing/licensing but the form was a bit finicky and also in italian? Hope you got it, if not please ping me here! Would love to work with you!

I just replied to the email and also updated the contact form, since for some reason the entire website was set to English except the contact form, thanks for letting me know!